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Welcome to our website! Our business got its start in January 2003. Founded by myself, a stay at home Mom (then and now) whose father fortunately for me had 30 years experience in the packaging industry which in conjunction with my motivation to make ends meet was simply, our beginning.

To rewind a bit, I began by selling my children's outgrown Gymboree clothes in an attempt to fund the purchase of new clothing but I could not find the proper packaging to ship in.  I turned to my Dad and bought two sizes (10x13 and 12x15.5 poly mailers) and thought I would sell off what I did not need.  In no time  all the clothing was sold and people were asking me for more varieties of shipping supplies.  So of course we immediately added product after product to satisfy the needs of our growing customer base.

We completely devoted ourselves to ebay, paving the way to become the supply leader that we are in that venue today. ebay's feedback system did help us to see how we are doing and encouraged us to try to never let a single customer walk away dissatisfied.  I believe that dedication to the satisfaction of our customers is the core strength of our company today.

As business grew, my husband Beau, fresh out of the Marine Corp, became my business partner. In 2008 we finally launched our first website. Expansion Continued with us adding locations on both the East and West coasts of the United States to best service the needs of our customers. In 2010, my father, brother, and sister in law came on board to start up our custom packaging division which services local customers as well as those nationwide. And most recently beginning in 2012. we proudly created our own Poly Pak Brand product line including the new Poly Pak Designer Mailers which are a custom designed colorfully printed line of poly mailers in stock and ready to buy in the quantity you need.

Together with our customers (our community) we are working to change the face of the packaging industry.  Every time I get a package in a plain white poly mailer it reminds me that I have a long road ahead but we are going to with our community, big and small stay at home Moms to Fortune 500 companies, create a new vibe in the e-tail shipping industry making it a more personal and memorable experience.

Come join us and let's create some unboxing joy together!!